Video journalism

Video journalism

In recent times it's been popularised by a broad movement of newspapers using video journalism to create content for their online newspapers.

But it has a history that goes back about two decades in the US and almost as much in the UK, though you could even argue further. That said it has become video journalism the sibling of web 2.0 and broadband.

The term video journalism is something of a misnomer, because it's not just journalism packaging VJs excel at making and it's not a one-size fits all.

In this particular case, it has evolved into a fast turn around cine-format that combines motion graphic promos (which David has made for CNN International), long format features and docs, full broadcast shows as well as short news packages.

An understanding of film, photography, broadcast and cinematography helps when being taught the bascs and then advance form in a matter of weeks.

The video-sharing website is asking users to submit a profile of someone Impact Media in their community that 'the world should know about'. Submissions must be a maximum of three minutes long and in English, featuring only original content created by the reporter.

The competition, which will be open in September, is the 'first assignment' of a new journalism programme launched by the site.

Entry to the International Video Journalism Awards is now open with this year's competition including an audience prize decided by online voting. The awards contain two international prizes and a series of categories for German videojournalists. A total of €12,000 is up for grabs across eight categories. Recent developments in media and videojournalism and the future of the burgeoning profession will be discussed at the awards

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